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A stupidly obvious thing to say at 1am

Apr. 18th, 2008 | 01:03 am

I'm tired.

Had my first shift, 4-12.

So tiring. My feet are blistered, I think my shoes were too small because a nail's broken. I was half-running the front earlier. It felt good though.

I'm good tired.

I wouldn't be online atm either, but I had to vote for Noah before bed, lol!

Take care everyone!


Apr. 13th, 2008 | 10:40 pm

I opened my wine from when I had Noah before we went away.

I just finished it.

It's been open a little while sans refridgeration.

I think it went off. I feel bleurgh!!!

Might be the edam though ...

I will update properly sometime, when I feel less crap. And I thought I was so boho having wine with cheese and crackers, lol!

fringes = dead annoying

Aug. 24th, 2007 | 12:18 pm

Quick update, yah?

-My back hurrrrrrrts. Lots. I have a tens machine. I either can't feel it working, or it hurts. Whoops. Might be because it's not put where my major backspazz is. Mum's blaming my big boobs (mmmkayyahthanks). They gonnaget bigger. I wanna cwy.

-I've had two 'labour scares'. Seriously. The other tuesday, I woke up and my back was hurting like crazy and my stomach clenching up and I tried with hot bags and stuff to stop it hurting but it didn't work. So I got mum up. She made me watch timeteam at 6am. I threw up a few times. Then slept. I bet mamma loves me! The second time wasn't so bad, I didn't puke and had my tens. Those pads are icky though. My midwife thinks that I'll actually go into labour before Wednesday, but if not then when I do see her on Wednesday, she'll arrange to come to my house, give me an internal *yaaaaay, Lorraine fingers in my doodah!!!* and try to 'induce me naturally'. As apposed to using the drug-and-hook method. I believe the alternative is called 'sex and a curry' so now I'm quite worried about my midwife. Gawd I hope she just means a curry ...

-I'm sleeping loads more. Except at night, when most people do. Make your play and Glitterball are so dull, I keep watching to make me fall asleep. Don't work.

-Bourne Ultimatum is a good film. From what we could make out anyway. Empire forgot the sound. At first you're in Moscow so don't think you'd understand the Russians anyway so the sound being off just made us think they were being all arty and everyone was like 'wooooow' but then it cut to this boardroom and you couldn't hear the convo. Cue half the cinema feeling like dicks and the rest complaining. Didn't get no refund or the film restarted though. Guh. I wasn't comfortable in that screen either. I gots a cushion for sitting on/breastfeeding with/teaching baby to sit up/sleep on with the bump but it didn't fit properly into my seat. Muh.

-I feel so bad. I've got like, 3 Christmas presents from last year to send still, plus about 5/6 birthday cards and presents. I keep meaning to send it all, but forgetting. I am so bad ... I will send them soon, I promise!

-I keep getting texts I don't reply to. I'm sorry. I mean to, but for some reason texting feels like a huge effort right now. If I do reply, it'll probably take me a few days/weeks. Everything feels like a huge effort right now. Which my mum says is a sign labour's close, so maybe I won't have to worry about Lorraine, huh?

Gawd, get him out of me!!!

Jul. 10th, 2007 | 07:39 pm

Seriously, I hate this. I feel so ROUGH all the time. The only time I don't is when he starts shifting because it makes me giggle. But I feel so run down, and not just because of the anaemia. Although I am scared that soon I'll qualify for bum-injections. Plus, I wanna meet the little guy already, you know?

Of course, I would feel like this now my mum's warned me that this week's crucial. Apparently, their lungs don't function much until they're 33 weeks. So if a baby's born 24-33 weeks, there's an injection midwives and nurses can give the baby to help them develop lung capacity. Improves survival. Obviously. But 33-35 weeks, the baby starts to do that on their own. Means midwives and nurses have to guess amounts and it's easy to screw up. After 35 weeks he'd be premature but able to breathe. I want him out the week it could screw up the breathing, nice ... actually, I don't think they're related, but it makes me feel guilty. Seven weeks left of pregnancy .... and it's really starting to hurt. I gave up work at the right time, if I wasn't on holiday I'd've gone nuts. It was hard enough the last three weeks when I just slept every moment I wasn't working. I do miss the people I work with though ... soooooo much. I'll see Alex and maybe some others on Thursday though, for Harry Potter, but it's just not the same.

I'm going to do some antenatal exercises now, then go sleep. Mmmmmm, sleep!

I'm sure

Jun. 8th, 2007 | 10:59 pm

I should have something interesting to say.

I don't think I do.

Might be getting training squad status. Two weeks before I leave.

Bargained with my dentist to do temporary work until the baby's born.

Still can't eat or drink much.

Am knackered. Am more anaemic than before despite taking iron pills. Now have to take with orange juice, not water. Bleh. Hurts my tongue.


Apr. 12th, 2007 | 03:05 pm

... I was talking to mum about having a baby shower. I'd want it after the birth, because there'd be no point dragging most people over to Shitsea without the promise of holding the baby. I've got a list of 56 people, not including my siblings. And I know I've forgotten people I'd want there.

My house isn't big enough for 56 people on top of the family. Think my parents would rent a hall for their first grandchild?

I told Alex, Alex and Carla yesterday. We were having a 'pretty day' at Alex's house *she popped my mascara cherry! She also said I'm not allowed to leave. I have no choice* so it came out then, when Charlotte K was getting a wisdom tooth pulled *owwwww!* They were really positive about it, although "Is that why you're wearing a granny top?" isn't the best thing you can imagine hearing. Alex was like 'of all the people to get pregnant, I wouldn't've thought it'd be you'. Thanks hun. I said I would bring the baby in to meet everyone, which I do intend to do but no way in hell is my child putting that shit in it's body. But it was a nice reaction, better than the ones I'm expecting to get from the guys. Alex said she has to be there when Karla finds out ... I can't wait for it either, or for her reaction if Les does get demoted - because he's going to leave. It's bad enough watching her dry-hump Steve's leg when she thinks I'm not looking/not there, but the other day she grabs Les from behind and rubs against him and starts going 'isn't Les like a big squishy bear?' *yah, Laura's big squashy bear, you leave her man the fuck alone too, whore* Anyway, I can't wait for her 'two favourite people' to become soooooo detached from her. They are anyway, the name Carla makes Steve feel sick, and Les is so bitchy about Karla, but to have her realise how far from her reach they are ... it'll make up for every time she's grabbed hold of Steve when she's not aware of me, every time she's fucked up and blamed one of us and complained against us. Sweeeeeet ... I'm with Alex. Might wait for a lull on a Friday night for it to come out. Will obviously be checking with Steve though. I miss him now he's only part time :(

There's other stuff, I'm sure. I'm not sure I want it all over this though.

In which we discover, zee's still a major dork.

Feb. 14th, 2007 | 05:43 pm

I just ordered the Harry Potter chess magazine from deagostini. Heeheee! DD'd it. So I get to play chess Harry Potter stylee! I haven't played in ages, not since Jenny and me used to go to Ottakars in Lincoln and play on the third floor by the dalek and the sex books *memories*

I know I've not updated in centuries. I just can't get on. Lowdown of my past ... two weeks?:

-broke my tooth on a cheeseburger. Now have steam my buns. Yuck.
-had birthday. Should be getting my present from Meado tonight. If he stops being slightly prickish.
-finally filled in stuff for my LEA so they don't start taking money for my loan. Kinda wish they would.
-been shoved on lobby at work. My soul has died. I hate it, it's too monotonous. I try to waste time by filling the balloon tree when there's a few kids about. At least I get to annoy Alex though. She makes me laugh.
-Did I mention Chloe's play? That was weird. A ten year old and a 40 year old making out. Pensioners thinking they're the same age as Chloe. FREAKY.
-Went to Fays yesterday. Her house is so cool. Paul and Crystal came as well ... they had us in hysterics all night.
-Saw Caaaattyyyyyyyyyy! BTW Catty - thoughts on bitchface?

Um ... that's it! Until next time!


Feb. 4th, 2007 | 12:33 pm

Your Birthdate: February 7

You are an island. You don't need anyone else to make you happy.
And though you see yourself as a loner, people are drawn to you.
Deep and sensitive, you tend to impress others with your insights.
You also tend to be psychic - so listen to that inner voice!

Your strength: Your self sufficiency

Your weakness: You despise authority

Your power color: Maroon

Your power symbol: Hammer

Your power month: July

I felt like being lame. But I agree with some of that. And I'm bored. And out of it. And meh.

Blast from the recent past.

Jan. 20th, 2007 | 10:05 pm

Ant: Long time no see!
Me: ... hiya!
Ant: So have you got a boyfriend yet?
Me: Yep
Ant: REALLY!?! *hey, what's that meant to mean?* How old is he?
Me: Uhhhh ... does that matter?
Ant: Kinda.
Me: He's 19.
Ant: Kinda young isn't he? How old are you?
Me: How old do you think I am?
Ant: 25*cue raised eyebrow*
Me: I'm 21
Ant: How long've you been with him then?
Me: 3 months
Ant: Don't want to upgrade do you?

Wow. He blanked me last time I served him on drive thru, ohhhhh, 4/5 months ago? He's really cute though. It's the 4th car I've seen him drive. But hey - he had his chance. And Meado couldn't escape, hahahaha! Liam kept saying similar things today as well, like 'sugarpants, dump the runt!' and 'when're you gonna dump Meado so I can screw your brains out?'

So ...nice.

Talked to Meado once I calmed down after work. Talked about management changes. Si didn't get a promotion. Nikki's probably going to be demoted because he failed his job. Moo and Dave are leaving. Lukas is taking on Moo's role. Luke, Meado and I think Liam are next in line for management. Luke's got it instantly from the way he interacts with SteveO. Meado has to out-perform 4 managers, even though he's got more experience of more areas than Luke. I've had 4 OCL's in the past two days, got 2 100%s, 1 97% and an 87% in them. I have about 3 more due? And need almost as many as Kim. As Kim's already training squad, and two training squad are taking over management roles, it's likely either me, Rob O, Laura or Leigh will get training squad. Buuuuut Laura's about 3 months pregnant, so that weakens her likelihood of being training squad. Although Rob got it instantly when he came back from the chip shop he worked in briefly.

I think that's all I want to say. I'm feeling sick again.


Jan. 19th, 2007 | 08:40 pm

I could kill Chloe right now. I had to be up at 5am today for a 6.30 start. So I put on 10 years younger and had just about dropped off when she and mother start screaming at each other. So I don't fall asleep until midnight. So I had 5 hours of sleep. And had to take proplus. And drink loads of caffeine. Yey.

Stupid stomach's been playing up again. I ate wheeto's so I'd be good at work, and I got my break quarter to ten, and I was eating my egg muffin and felt like puking. And tried to stop it, and it made me cough. And the cough made me wanna puke. Not fun. I was well out of it when Kermit came in, and he looked like he was dead on his feet too. I waited for him through his break though, since he went on that 5 minutes after I clocked out for home. I missed him when Pete took all my hours away.

I'm going now. I'm knackered.